Thursday, November 02, 2006

And Now, From Indieana. . .


Hoosier twins Marc and Eric Klee Johnson teamed with Kelley Milligan in the late 90s to form this hard-hitting modern pop outfit with neo-psych overtones. Their MySpace page lists The Who, Cream, Cheap Trick, The Beatles, and Dreams So Real, among others, as influences. Their website has a long update, plus additional mp3s, video, and photos.

Automatic mp3
Hangtime in the Halfpipe mp3
Get Natural mp3

Urgent Albert Hammond, Jr. Update!!!

Yeah, yeah, don't have one: Hammond was rhythm and occasional lead guitarist for The Strokes. Sure, I liked some Strokes, but I generally like this better. Strokes lead singer Julien Casablancas did collaborate on parts of YTK, but, as is so often the case with solo efforts, Hammond was trying to effect the kind of artistic input The Strokes wouldn’t begrudge him.

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