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Friday, October 01, 2010

Elf Power: We Believe

My little iPod's doing a better job lately of keeping this blog on track than I am. (Of course I am responsible for the care and feeding of the playah, but still. . .) On the way to work today, the lovely tones of the above song ushered me the last mile or so to the gates of the (metaphorical) factory, simultaneously reminding me I needed to post it post haste. So here it is, one of many fine tracks on the excellent Athens, Georgia band's tenth, self-titled LP.

While we're at it, we'll add two much-loved previously posted songs.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Around the Blogosphere & Happy Birthday, indie mom

If we'da known Saturday was indie mom's bday, we'da baked a cake. Course, we'da had to eat it ourselves, as our fiber optic doesn't transmit foodstuffs. Anyway, my new friends - and yes, both indie mom and alt gramma over at the excellent Speed of Dark kindly extended the bloggy hand of friendship to pplist - celebrated indie mom's thirtieth with an excellent post. (You gettin' all this, hmmm?) indie mom has the clever plan of posting a song from each of her thirty years so far and began today with '77-'81. Below are the three I like best. Oops, and of course, Happy Belated Birthday, indie mom! I'm looking forward to many happy returns to Speed of Dark!

Fleetwood Mac – Never Going Back Again – Speed of Dark
Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing – Speed of Dark
The Cure – A Forest – Speed of Dark

Other bloggers were of course busy at it today as well, so here are some you might like.

The Jealous Girlfriends – How Now – Obscure Sound – Can you wait until the 19-second mark before taking any drastic action? I’m glad I did.
Stiff Little Fingers - Who Died and Made You Elvis? - The Glorious Hum

Retro Music Snob tracked down three Jesus and Mary Chain covers by groups I heartily like.

The Shop Assistants - You Trip Me Up - Retro Music Snob
Elf Power - Upside Down - Retro Music Snob
Tralala - Never Understand - Retro Music Snob

Thanks, hosts and hostesses.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Triangles, Three 4 Tens, Contrast, Lodger, Jeremy, Elf Power

I know, I posted this Elf Power song before, but it's my favorite by them and the thing doesn't work for me anymore, and I just found it elsewhere, and anyway, why not, etc. Most of these others I happened upon within the last day to a week. I posted a nice one by The Contrast back when I was a babyblogger (toddlerblogger now, I flatter myself to think), along with several other excellent songs from Rainbow Quartz. In case you're interested. Click band names to satiety.

The Triangles - Meatblanket mp3 - Thanks to Coast is Clear; two more there.
Jeremy - Make Love, Not War mp3 - Thanks to Lars of Brilliance Records for getting in touch. This one comes just in time for 40th-anniversary celebrations of the Summer of Love. (pic)