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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Learning to Crawl: Locksley, Goldcure, Charlene, Hypatia Lake, West Indian Girl, Indian Jewelry, Halou, Even As We Speak, HOPUK, Pinto, et. al. . . .

Crawl we forth from our rock to rock. Sorry for making you wait.

Locksley - All Over Again mp3 - from the above
Goldcure - Too Long mp3 - from Portuguese Prince, to be crowned August 26
Charlene - No Fly mp3 - more from these Newton, Mass.ers here - Thanks to Peter at Coast Is Clear for the headsup on this and the ones below labeled CIC.

Hypatia Lake - The Lucifer Rebellion mp3 - from Angels And Demons, Space And Time, due to break out July 15
West Indian Girl - Blue Wave mp3
Indian Jewelry - Swans mp3 - We like how this previously posted IJ no. psoothed our psyche:
Temporary Famine Ship mp3

Halou - Stonefruit mp3 - CIC
Even As We Speak - Falling Down the Stairs mp3 - CIC
Hearts of Palm UK - People & Logistics mp3 - from For Life, due out October 14 - Thanks to Brooke Black of Big Hassle Media for the alert.

The Saturday Nights - Stranded (7" version) mp3 - more TSN dls here
Sunny Summer Day - So Much Fun mp3 - from the Me, Myself & The Empty Soul EP

Click song titles to listen, artist names for further enlightenment.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Block Party: Little My, The Saturday Nights, Shake Some Action, Model Photographer, Chapterhouse

Da 'house

We continue our celebration of "writer's" block by proceeding straight to the music.

Little MyDo You Really Want to Go mp3 - Indie-MP3 posted "Cute Guts," and the Welsh band's website has lots more.
The Saturday Nights - Stranded mp3 - Once again, my mp3 player comes through with a nice random selection. Danke, Helmut.

Props to Gary at Seattle-Powerpop for the next three songs.

And finally, group gaze.
Chapterhouse - Breather mp3 - The Devil didn't make me do this, but He surely made it easier. Ta, Big Guy/Force. Tasty tuna/tuneage. And btw, that espew site's pretty danged cool, if'n you like lots and lots of music. If you don't, don't go there.