Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Head Deathray Temps As Apple

Yeh, so there's a headline you don't see everyday. Dallas, Texas’ The Deathray Davies began in 1999 as the solo project of John Dufilho, formerly of Bedwetter. Eventually other Davies were recruited, and the band proceeded to release five albums of dazed, highly infectious music. Their latest, released in 2005, was titled The Kick and the Snare. Prophetic? Maybe, considering Dufilho is currently thumping tubs for The Apples in Stereo. If you like what you hear, you can find streaming songs and videos at the Davies’ website. Four of their albums are available at iTunes.

The Deathray Davies
The Kick And The Snare - Plan To Stay Awake mp3
Midnight At The Black Nail Polish Factory - Maggie Doesn't Blink mp3
John Dufilho - John Dufilho - What Are You Waiting For? mp3

The Deathray Davies - I Regret the Day I Tried to Steal Daniel's Ego

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