Thursday, November 16, 2006

Salty Pirates: Arrrrrr. . .

. . .rest this briny bunch o' bucs quicker’n ye kin say, “Jack Sparrow.” Oh, aye, they’re cute. Just look at the picture. Coy, cuddly, quirky. But "apparently things aren't ever as they seem." There’s something far more sinister at work here. I will quote from their MySpace site.
"We're an evil genius's crew plotting to take over the world. We have our secret laboratory somewhere in Gothenburg where we conduct all kinds off illegal experiments. And pet little furry cats. We also make our own pizza."
Uh-huh, cat-petting and homemade pizza. Need I say more? World, you've been warned. Do not click on that song down there. Your very soul is at stake. Resistance is futile. Unless, of course, you want to learn their main plan of assault.

Salty Pirates - Shark Attack mp3 - Update, 15Dec08: The group is now called The Weather in Sweden.

As the link to the mp3 no longer works, here's the song via Grooveshark.

(Thanks to the excellent swedesplease, who gave advance warning in July and followed up yesterday.)

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