Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Spinto Band

First off, you can tell from this picture from their website that Wilmington, Delaware's The Spinto Band have guts, lots of guts. They didn't quite know how I got it--and frankly, neither do I--but they kindly gave this newbie blogger permission to post the unreleased "Look at the Floor" for one week. Since who-knows-when, I've been grooving on this great, great song. According to their MySpace site (where you can also listen to more songs, including the terrific "Oh Mandy,") they'll be in Bordeaux this Monday, Spain the rest of the week, and then head back through France, Holland, and Belgium before ending up in Philadelphia for a New Year's Eve show at Johnny Brenda's. Thanks, Spintos, for letting me post this personal fave.

The Spinto Band - Look at the Floor mp3

Time's up. Thanks again, Spintos.

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