Friday, November 17, 2006

Tralala at The Torture Garden

It’s Friday night, so naturally I’m tempted toward philosophy. I travel to The Torture Garden to hang out with Shane and Freddy Nietzo for a bit of angsty exi action and what do I find? Fun. Yeah, Fun. And more freakin' Fun. You know, the kind that makes you go hahaha and sing tralala. Or maybe listen to them. As Tralala's bookers put it, this Brooklyn 7-piecer has one purpose only: “to have a good time.” As SONIC Sweden puts it, "man skulle kunna tanka sig ett Spice Girls som vuxit upp pa stora doser Jesus and Mary Chain" So I’m putting it this way: choke me in the shallow waters and let me die laughing and philosophy is just the talk on the cereal box, so let’s PAR-TY!!! Join Shane and me over at the sonically verdant Garden for more of this Fun stuff. Still to be had there: Biker Fun. ("Motorcycle Man") Vroom.

Fired Up mp3
Early Tonight mp3

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