Monday, January 15, 2007

From Gorilla vs. Bear to Dare to Care: Malajube & Ann Beretta

Among the much delightful at Gorilla vs Bear was a link to an unofficial, very useful (two months until!) South by Southwest (hereinafter SXSW) site called Done Waiting. Following some of the links there (you following this at all?---it probably doesn't matter, and I hope you've already bounced down to the songs anyway) got me to several nice dits at the Dare to Care Records site. I got into Montrealers Malajube (pic) in an early post at my humble little blogchild, and here are two more by them I quickly grew to like. These Can-dudes definitely put the uber in exuberant. Listening to Ann Beretta got me to thinking "they just don't write 'em like that anymore" (perhaps I exaggerate), so I like the way these Richmond, Virginians dip back into Clash-and-Kings-era vibes for inspiration. God bless the power chord.

Pate Filo mp3
Le Métronome mp3
Ann Beretta - Not Invited mp3

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