Sunday, May 30, 2010

Music of the Sphere: Posies, Young Sinclairs, Tame Impala, Dinosaur Jr., Brian Jonestown, Ceremony, Marching Band, Cream, Super Deluxe, et. al. . . .

What a Sunday this is turning out to be! Bloggers of the world excite! (And we thank them.) Click the colorful words to be whisked yither and hon.

The Posies - Grant Hart - For The Sake Of The Song

The Young Sinclairs - You Can Have Her & Forever After & Girl I'm For Real - Gorilla vs. Bear - Not trying to strum our own Rick, but you can find a couple of The Young Sinclairs songs we posted here. BTW, we went over to Amazon and sampled the rest of that We Spoke Our Minds EP and hotdammit, July's way too far away for our antsy comfort level. Click and you'll see.

Dinosaur Jr. - Raisans - Star Maker Machine - We posted more Dinosaur Jr. here, here, and here.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Who? & Not If You Were the Last Dandy on Earth - Obscure Sound - We love TBJM, (even if dey do diss da Dandies, Dig!?), and you will sort of see what we mean if you click here.

Ceremony - Marianne - Skatterbrain - We have a Ceremony here.

Marching Band - Another Day - Swedesplease - We have several Marching Band songs (and a bunch more by others) here.

Cream - Those Were the Days - The Rising Storm

The Nightcrawlers - Basket of Flowers - An Aquarium Drunkard
Super Deluxe - She Came On - An Aquarium Drunkard
The Robbs - Cynthia Loves - An Aquarium Drunkard
Tame Impala - Island Walking - An Aquarium Drunkard - It downloads as "Solitude Is Bliss," but a comment to the fishy dipso says it's actually "Island Walking." Whatever its name, it will comply if you click it. (Get it, Wilco," "fishy dipso," heh-heh. . .ahem. . .never mind.) (Sorry, but sometimes I have to build in clues so if I ever read back over my posts I can remember wtf I might have had in mind or if I even had one.)

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