Thursday, January 09, 2014

From the Archives: Revisiting the Revisited

Back in the early days of this little experiment called "Powerpopulist" we used to revisit previous mp3 postings and collect some of our favorites from our archives. For some reason we stopped and haven't done one of these since, OMG, 1jan08. That's, like, ten years ago or something.

So why did we stop? We don't know. Why are we starting back up? We're not completely sure, but it might have something to do with a friend new to our blog telling us his computerharddrive had crashed and he'd lost his entire music library. We thought some FtA action might help with the rebuilding process. We've also been attracting other new visitors and thought it might be convenient to bring to the fore some of our favesongs for their consideration and possible downloading pleasure. (How do we know we've been attracting new visitors? We don't. Sometimes we just make shit up because it makes us feel good.)

We've rechecked all the songs we're posting to make sure the links still work. It's amazing how many still do. We've gone back through those original FtA posts and gathered up the ones still operational and are posting them first. (That's they down there.) (Boy/Girl, correct grammar can sound really weird.) We've also worked our way into approximately 2010, have a couple more posts ready to go, and will launch the first one almost immediately. (Don't wanta overwhelm you; yes, even you, cambric (not his/her real name).)

One other thing: All of these are posted in good faith, legal-wise. Some bands and companies gave us permission to host songs without time limits, so if anything's changed (superstardom, label contracts, etc.), just let us know and we'll oblige. (Not gladly. There will be tears, but the fabric rended will be mended.)

Wonderdrug - Hi mp3
The Sky Drops - Million mp3
The Prime Movers - Left in the Dark (Vertebrats cover) mp3
The Prids - The Problem mp3

The Happy Few - Red and Blue mp3
The Corner Laughers - Everybody Knows mp3
The Comas - Come My Sunshine mp3
The Black Watch - Williamsburg mp3

The Apples in Stereo - Please mp3
The Anderson Council - Strawberry Smell mp3
Tesco Chainstore Mascara - Just The Weight You Are mp3
Spoon - The Underdog mp3

Splurge - Song of Love mp3
Snow Coloured Kid - Hope You're On My Side mp3
Elk City - Cherries in the Snow mp3
Dinosaur Jr - Almost Ready mp3

DAYS - Simple Thing mp3
celestial - nothing happens; twice mp3
Candy Bars - Violets mp3
Annemarie - The Living Model mp3
Magnapop - Satellite mp3 - We break ahpla redro and put this fantastic song last because it's been a bit balky in the widget. If you have trouble wid it, right click/save or go to the Magnapop Listen page and download it there.

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