Sunday, April 26, 2015

Music of the Sphere, Still in Rock Edition, Installment 1: Eeries, Milk 'N' Cookies, Resonars, Triptides, Mountain Bike, Creation, Winter, Calypso, Paperhead, Magic Castles

It's always exciting to find a blog new-to-us and posting quantities of music we already like, along with much we hadn't yet come across. That happened last week at the Brooklyn-based, French-language blog, Still in Rock. So much did we find there that we will post our favorites in at least three installments. We initially spent four or five happy hours at SiR, and are now visiting every day, but perhaps your schedule will not afford you such leisure. (Frankly, we recommend you carve out such leisure, but hey, "it's your life and you can do what you want" - within whatever delimitations might apply.)

We've kind of organized the three posts thematically, but to try and explain the "logic" involved probably isn't worth the effort. So here we go.

The Eeries - No Fun & Till I Come By - Still in Rock
Milk 'N' Cookies - Broken Melody - Still in Rock
The Resonars - Definitely Crescent Ridge (mono version) - Still in Rock
Triptides - Clementine & English Rain - Still in Rock
Mountain Bike - Russian Roulette Casino - Still in Rock

The Creation - Making Time & Try And Stop Me - Still in Rock
Winter - Crazy - Still in Rock
Calypso - Is Not Now - Still in Rock
The Paperhead - None Other Than - Still in Rock
Magic Castles - Dragonfly - Still in Rock

We might also mention that SiR is helpfully organized, with all kinds of interesting classifications that merit consideration and, perhaps, occasionally, amicable cavil. It is also beautifully written, with depths of insight of which we are neither capable nor wont to plumb. Additionally, reading through Google Translate adds an element of droll whimsicality of which a more thorough familiarity with the Gallic tongue might well rob us.

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