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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fizzgig Gig

We were on a routine search and deploy mission involving long-time faveband Pris, when we noticed at they were being compared to long-time faveband Fizzgig . We couldn't find freebies by Pris but hit the jackpot on the late F-word band from Cincinnati. Below are a couple of our favorites; you can find another freeb at their Sonicbids site and buy more at eMusic and elsewhere. Read more here and here.

Incidentally, we previously  posted on Pris and other progeny of Burke Thomas, but those mp3 links are no longer working. As usual there's not much writing worth reading there, but to pp and me the post is precious for copping a rare Comment, in this case from faveblogger Peter of Peter's Power Pop.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nuzzle Muzzle & Pris & BTO, The Treatment, Common Heroes, Tolkien, etc.

Welcome to Powerpopulist, where all talk is small talk, especially when we got our Muzzle on.

Muzzle - Jenna Fine mp3

Muzzle - What a Bore mp3

And just who are - or were - Muzzle? Well may you ask. Please read on.

Muzzle were a 90s Seattle band drummed for by Burke Thomas, aka “BTO.” Thomas – or “Burke” – is a highly talented musical savant associated with a number of bands, including Pris. Pris were the powerpoppin' media through which I came upon him, so to speak. I bought a baker’s handful of their songs back in February, a fact fairly well, if not conclusively, documented here. So when I started hungering for more information on the four-letter word, I arrived here and found these from 2004's The Kiss Off:

Of course I already had one of those, as documented, but maybe you don't and now we do!

Plus I found these:


But wait, there’s more (mp3s). (Clicky clicky.)

And if what you really crave is more of the story of the various bands with which BTO has been associated, click here.

And that's all I'm gonna say, for now.