Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Krinkles: "Still In Love" & "Burying The Hatchet"

The real reason they're retiring?
Just when I thought my Saturday night couldn't get any better, I find emailed directions to the first new song in eight years by Chicago's super The Krinkles. Wow, you've still got it, cids, and I sure wish you weren't so totally giving it up, if you cnow what i mean! I thrilled to their 3 - The Mordorlorff Collection back in May of last year, and find the wonderful "Gimme Gimme" is still available via Glorious Noise. (Go there and/or click down below.) The K's will be playing a final, reunion show on Saturday, April 19, at The Spot, located at 4437 N. Broadway in Chicago. (The show will be part of the 2008 International Pop Overthrow Festival.) After years of apparent bitterness, the four guys will reunite and, as stated at their MySpace site, "bury the hatchet." There are several riffs I could do on that one, but let's just enjoy the songs. Thanks, Matty, Dan, Jer, and Henry K, for all the great music, and all the bests to youse!


Anonymous said...

glad your back.....heading to the pogues tonight, report later...bc

pplist said...

What a great place to head! I've seen them live twice--unforgettable! We expect a full report, bc.

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