Monday, September 15, 2008

Music of the Sphere: Brendan Benson, Gurus, Ceremony, House of Love, Primal Scream, Sloan, Mekons, Panda Riot, Gaslight Anthem, Soviettes, R.E.M.

We've just about made it back through all our faveblogs, and the hits just keep on coming. Well, they should be hits, but you know how it is. Thanks, favebloggers. BTW, we always post the ones we like best at our faveblogs. If you go there and find others you like, please feel free to listen to them, too. Big of us, sure, but, hey, we just can't help it.

Brendan Benson - Spit It Out - The Glorious Hum - Expect excellent expectoration.

Ceremony - Dream Of Only You - Dead Flowers

Sloan - Gimme That - Gaper's Blog - Plus some more fine Sloans.

The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound & The Backseat - CYSTSFTS
R.E.M. - Radio Free Europe - Star Maker Machine

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