Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Buck Pets: Big D-lightful

My eyes literally left their sockets yesterday when checking my profile. I had been doing a bit of musical time travel (The Buck Pets--->The Who--->Sidewinders (aka Sand Rubies)--->House of Freaks--->The Chesterfield Kings--->The Ophelias--->The Soup Dragons--->The LeRoi Brothers--->The LeRoi Brothers) and checked to see if the songs had scrobbled. Well, not only had they scrobbled, but I saw that Dallas band The Buck Pets' "A Little Murder" was available as a free download, along with twelve other of their songs. (Cue ocular ejection.) I had bought their eponymous LP back when it came out and had seen them open for the Ramones at the Back Room in Austin back in November 1988. (See a nice description of the concert here, nice because I didn't write it.) So here are two of my favorites off that album. You can take it from there. (Incidentally, future Indie star Britt Daniel was standing right beside me during the concert. He seemed to be enjoying them, too.)


Anonymous said...

thanks! god...i saw these guys open for jane's addiction back in 1990. love the self-titled and mecurotones lps. i have a copy of their third album here somewhere, but truth be told i haven't ever really given it a chance.

Anonymous said...

Your eyes literally left their sockets? Are you sure about that?

pplist said...

To A1: You make me as happy as a little girl.
To A2: Yes and yes.