Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wild Smiles Induce Wild Smiles


As we basked this morning in the sweaty afterglow of . . . a walk, the last song we grooved on before heading inside for drying and combing was "Tangled Hair," by Hampshire band Wild Smiles. And, rest assured, madly did we beam.

We had sent you to Austin Town Hall for it last October but wanted to see if we might post a downloadable here at our little cosa blogstra. We can't but we can post "Get Off My Back" for downloading, let you hear again - or perhaps for the first time - the aforementioned "Tangled Hair," and thank again the wonderful people at One For The People for their excellent celebratory compilation. (You might remember we found there a sweet one by London's Honeyslide back in January.) BTW, "Tangled Hair" is still downloadable at ATH. This post is kind of tangled, too, but whatever.

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