Saturday, July 20, 2013

Actively Listening to The Beginner's Mynd, New Speedway, The Vickers, Invisible Ships, & Paul Messis

Looks like hours.

Nathan's back with Episode 10 of The Active Listener Sampler series (TALSs), with pseventeen pselected psych and pop tunes that will groovily activate your ears and, perhaps, other organs. And speaking of organs, here's our favetune from #10. You can download it with the entire LP on a NAME YOUR PRICE basis. (Message to pselfs: Be sure to thank Nathan and the bands.)

All of this reminds us that until a few seconds hence, we've not posted several previous TALS faves, all of which are available on an NYP basis by downloading the whole LPs. (We blush to be such slothful bloggers. Forgive? Didn't even notice? Phwewww`````````!)

We really like this next bloke's music but find his attitude toward/eschewal of digital distribution dismaying. Therefore, feel lucky Nathan has made this one available.


The Beginner's Mynd said...

Thanks guys! Glad you dig it.

pplist said...

Oh no no no no no, TBM, thank YOU!
And dig it we do.

Charmain said...

This is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

You have done well

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