Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Music of the Sphere: The Young Sinclairs, The Proper Ornaments, Cheatahs, Frankie Rose, The Casket Girls, Gap Dream, Tony Molina

This is an emergency post of the Powerpopulist Blogcasting System (PBS). We have just come into contact with seven excellent songs to which we think you might want to give ear. We are well aware we just did a MotS post a mere two days ago, but the excellent Austin blog Side One Track One just posted a Fifecta,*** in which every single song plunked our twanger big time. SOTO usually only leaves them up for a week or two, and if you were to miss out on these, we would feel very sad.

The Young Sinclairs - You Know Where To Find Me - Austin Town Hall

The Proper Ornaments - Shining Bright - Rollo & Grady

Cheatahs - Cut The Grass - Side One Track One
Frankie Rose - Street Of Dreams - Side One Track One
The Casket Girls - Holding You Back - Side One Track One
Gap Dream - Shine Your Love - Side One Track One
Tony Molina - Breakin' Up - Side One Track One

We hadn't yet heard San Franciscan Tony Molina but were so "turned on" by the song SOTO posted, we went out and crammed his entire Dissed And Dismissed LP into our Bandcamp shopping cart. (We're widgeting it below.) The songs are short but pretty pure power pop (which, incidentally, is a genre we like).

Update: The Bandcamp widget has disappeared, so here are some streamers courtesy of SoundCloud.

***Made-up word, but a darned good one


Nishitha KM said...

hi... thanks for sharing the post.i love music,without music life would be a mistake.sankar is one of the best singers in bangalore and my favorite too.if you people want to enjoy music like cocktail and koraoke apart of your problems just go to his shows,damn sure you will like it ...

pplist said...

Thanks, Nish. Even if you're mainly just fronting sankar, we're so fucking happy to get any kind of comment, we're posting yours anyway. And next time we're in Banga we'll be sure and check sanka out.

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