Thursday, July 24, 2014

From The Active Listener: House of Fire, Rainy Afternoons, Mark Alan Lofgren, Shadow Folk, Coloured Clocks, Galileo 7, Roaring 420s, Frantic Chant

Apparently old (or young) Nathan Ford does more posts and label stuff eating his corn flakes than we do in a month of pseudobloggery. Yes, it's the latest installment - #22 by number - of The Active Listener's excellent compilation series. Here are our favorites from a particularly high-class comp. And as always, we thank Master Nathan Ford for his ever-abundant thoughtfulness, generosity, and psychspertise.

And at the risk of further highlighting our personal bloggerly inactivity (except over/up there in Songdrop, where we've been dropping like flies in a Raid raid), here are some we shoulda but didna post here previously. (It is, btw, a risk we are somewhat willing to take.)

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