Saturday, February 04, 2017

Dot Dash & The Airplanes - A Sabbath-Day Jaunt

Symbiosis, wot?

We were enjoying our now-daily jaunt over to I Don't Hear A Single and followed Mr. Valentine's (oh, yeah, only 10 more shopping days until) helpful link over to The Beautiful Music site. There we found 18 free and legals, our favorite of which was by longtime D. C. faveband Dot Dash. You can sample and download the song there, but we also wondered if it might be at one of their Bandcamp pages. It was, and is posted below. 

Then we noticed that a Bandcamper we follow had liked the song, too, so we went over to her Collection and scrolled down. It wasn't long before we discovered a terrific song we hadn't heard by longtime Fayetteville, Arkansas faveband The Airplanes. And sure enough, it was available for name-your-price download.

That concludes the textual portion of this post, unless we think of something else to say, which is highly unlikely.

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