Friday, April 21, 2017

Not Peeved at The Peeves, No, No, Far From

For some reason some body just followed us on Twitter, and through them we were led to a really fun power pop radio show blasting out of Northwestern University's WNUR in Evanston/Chicago. It's called The Power Pop Shoppe Radio Show, and make no mistake, DJ Gil serves pretty pure platters of the double p.

We were arrested midshow by Chicago band The Peeves and found it necessary to track them down and see if they'd cooked up any downloadables. Well, guess what: we found the very one that got us chuffed and cuffed, along with three more name-your-pricers, all available within the widget below .


Anonymous said...

Power Pop Shoppe is a consistently killer show. Thanks for the Chicago power pop love. There's a lot to get excited about

johnnybgoode said...

unfortunately the Peeves download file is .ogg (never heard of it, must be behind the times), which itunes does not play.

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