Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Powerpopulist Faves

Tired of end-of-year lists? No? Well goody goody 'cause here's one we think you'll like. We sure did because it's, like, ours, duh: our very favorite powerpop, indiepop, janglepop, psychpop, whateverpop songs of 2017. Every song's a personal eargasm, so that's a groovy skyrockets-in-flight kind of thing. As suggested below, this is not a ranking but more of a chronology by release and discovery.

"Whaaaaaaat, only 109 songs??? You're a piker, pp."

Yeah, but we've listened to (or sampled) thousands of new songs this year and cried crocotears leaving out dearly beloveds from the list. So this is actually quite a winnowing, a harvesting, a curation, if you will. Only the choicest numbers for y/our delectation. Plus also there's actually more than 109. (See below.) Plus you can go to our Powerpopulist Playmoss Collection to see/hear monthly favorites and genre-specific playlists. Oodles of them.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy. The songs are listed pretty close to the order in which we discovered them, although songs by the same artist are grouped together. And btw, Playmoss wouldn't show the artist name for some of the songs, so here is that valuable information

#8 - Tobin Sprout - Future Boy Today/Man Of Tomorrow
40 - R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner - Horror Show
42 - Wiretree - J. F. Sebastian
45 - Alain Pire Experience - The Sun Don't Shine
78 - Walker Brigade - Voodoo Doll

Also, Playmoss wouldn't smoothly play some of our faves, so we're adding them below. So, yeah, there are actually more than 109.

Bandname = Free Machines

Here's wishing you a Great New Year, musically and otherwise.

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