Friday, August 31, 2018

Favorite Flavors from Ice Cream Man's Summer 2018 Compilation (Installment 3): Mythical Motors, Christopher Jameson, The Stone Lyons, Trip Wire, Golden Fang, The Sitting Tenants, Dave Sheinin, Tomas Nilsson, The Outryders, Mud Fox Tribe, The Brand New Luddites, Kurt Baker Combo

And now to the third and final installment of our favorite songs from Ice Cream Man Wayne Lundquist Ford's superduper Summer 2018 compilation, Songs We Learnt At Sundae School. So popular has this comp been that it has twice reached its quota for free downloads and been rescued by Futureman Records. You can of course pay for the whole LP or individual songs if you like, but if you want the free download, you will need to download all 163 numbers at once and then sort them out according to your own particular impeccable preferences. Many thanks to Wayne Lundquist Ford, Futureman Records, and the contributing artists. Previous posts in this and previous summers' comps can be found here.

(Some of you will be bitterly disappointed to find we are using larger widgets for individual songs, but here's why: when we used the smaller widgets, as in previous posts, the artist names did not appear, and we can't have that now, can we? Answer: we can but we don't want to.)

Something To Break Up The Intimidating Mass O' Widgets

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