Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scaling the Hump: May Fire, Squires of the Subterrain, They Live By Night, Nada Surf, British Sea Power, Shondes, Of Montreal, Why?

More talk, less music. Happy Humpday.

Squires of the SubterrainParty on Down mp3 – from Big Boy Pete Treats - Excellent sounds out of Rochester, NY, recommended by an Auditeer – Find more here at their website and here at eMusic.
Nada Surf – mp3: Do It Again mp3 – from The Weight Is A Gift

Of MontrealJimmy (MIA/Parvati Khan cover) mp3 – Thanks to Pitchfork for this and the next.
Why?Close to Me (The Cure cover) mp3

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Anonymous said...

hey ppop! great stuff! hadnt had time to stop by for a while - I espec enjoyed the squires stuff - cant tell you how much yr blog rocks poppily! johnbuck

pplist said...

Thanks so much, johnbuck. The Squires plunked my twanger quite majorly, too.

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