Friday, February 01, 2008

Workweek'send: Botticellis, Evervess, Death Valley Sleepers, Hermit, Wye Oak, Someone...Boris Yeltsin, Ladyhawk

A few I've found and liked, very much, btw. Might I presume familiarity sufficient to wish you a very happy weekend? Thank you for visiting.

The Botticellis – from Old Home Movies, premiering May 13

EvervessLearning To Run mp3 – The Oceanside, CA band’s MySpace site says “Psychedelic, Shoegaze, Powerpop.” Richtig! Thanks to Peter at Coast Is Clear for the prompt.
Death Valley SleepersBlack Pearl mp3 – Thanks to Morten at Hits in the Car for the headsup. He has more downloadables here and here, as does the band’s Myspace site.

The HermitIt Was A Better Time mp3 – from Turn Up (The Stereo) EP

Someone Still Loves You Boris YeltsinGlue Girls mp3 – from Pershing, whose d-day is April 8; an oldie:
Oregon Girl mp3
LadyhawkI Don't Always Know What You're Saying mp3 – from Shots, firing March 4 – has a Long Rydersish rootsy feel; and here's another oldie:
The Dugout mp3

Click bandnames for more info.

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