Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Honk: Beep Seals, Spectacular Fantastic, Japan Air, Airfields, Superfantastics

Bonkers over Conkers
Sorry not to have posted for a couple of days. Oh, you didn’t notice? Phweww.`````` (simulated flicked sweatdrops) Today, a novel approach: I’m going to post some mp3s I’ve recently found and like. Maybe you will, too. (Post some mp3s, I mean. If so, please let me know.) Now. . .

The Beep SealsStars mp3 – Delighted I was to hear from Jack Beep Seal (aka, "Cooper"), who told me the Manchester band's forthcoming album is to be produced by Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub. Were we supposed to be impressed or something? Duh, rah-ther. I can't wait to hear what else these Mancunians lay down. (Oh, and after intensive study, I have deduced that Jack is the bloke on the far left in the pic.)

The Spectacular Fantastic – Also invigorating was word from Mike Detmer of these longtime (two whole years for me now) Cincinnatti faves that the band are being delivered of a new double EP. True to TSF tradition, much of it is available free at their website, here and here. I'm posting three of my favorites among the newbies, plus two I previously posted here and here.
Outer space is nothing but a lie
Honey Money mp3
The Spectacular Fantastic/Tessitura (split single)
You mp3

A theme accidentally takes wing:
Japan AirStars mp3 – Thanks to Morten at Hits in the Car for the headsup on this Stockholm/Kalmar/Malmö outfit. Morten has another downloadable here, and the band’s MySpace has some here.
The AirfieldsNever See You Smile mp3 – I love the way these Torontans (insert appropriate aeronautical witticism). More than that (whatever it might be), I love their music.
The Aimless Never MissOh, If They Could Fly mp3 – These San Franciscans' aimlessness is true, and their music truly satisfying.
The SuperfantasticsRites of Spring mp3 – from Choose Your Destination Now we wax almost brutally subtle. See the connection? I'm sorry, it's late again, and I'm waning wanting. Next time I start at 1:30 A.M. Does an italicized 1 qualify as a Roman numeral? Over and out. Plus, we get the jump on all the bloggers who are waiting till 3/21 (or 21.3, if you prefer) to post this one. Oh, yeah.


Anonymous said...

ppop, great post! and very witty tonight I might add : ) johnbuck

pplist said...

Yo, johnbuck, this week's meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society: your house or mine? Thanks, bro.

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