Monday, February 04, 2008

Around the Blogosphere: Tesco, Field Mice, Sex Pistols, Byrds, Zombies, Echo, Kaleidoscope, Left Banke, Honeydrips, Devo, Tears Run Rings, Yo La Tengo

Here are some nice numbers I've found while visiting some of my favorite blogs. Don't worry, I've got a batch of nice mp3s to post soon. Have a nice week.

Tesco Chainstore Mascara – Just The Weight You Are & Sun's Shinin’ For You – Indie-MP3 – I share Tom's concern as to the current whatabouts of this terrific band from Staffordshire.
The Field Mice – You’re Kidding Aren’t You? – Badminton Stamps
The Sex Pistols – EMI – Bag of Songs
The Byrds – Mr. Spaceman – Echoes in the Wind

I've got a new blogfriend named. . .Darklands. Darklands doesn't actually know me, but that's okay. Darklands (gender as yet unknown–to me, at least, hence the avoidance of pronouns) has lots of terrific tunes–some newer, some older–to sample in their entirety. I thought it would be fun to post them in a chronological jumble, which is another way of saying I'm about to fall asleep right here at the keyboard and don't want to accidentally publish this post with my eyebrows.

The Zombies – Hung Up On A Dream - Darklands
Echo & the Bunnymen – The Cutter & The Killing Moon – Darklands
Kaleidoscope – Kaleidoscope & Dive Into Yesterday & Please Excuse My Face – Darklands
The Left Banke – She May Call You Up Tonight & Pretty Ballerina – Darklands

The Honeydrips – Try Something New – Darklands
Devo – Gates Of Steel & Girl U Want – Darklands
Tears Run Rings – Sense Of Time & A Question And An Answer – Darklands
Yo La Tengo – Here Comes My Baby & Speeding Motorcycle – Darklands

Not an afterthought: Thanks, favorite bloggers!

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