Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Breakups

The Breakups are a 15-piece band out of Hollywood composed of five sets of (apparently identical) triplets. It’s pretty obvious these siblings like to maintain continuous communication, and their music is just as tight. I merrily/jealously ushered “you” over to 5 Acts back in July to give a listen to the excellent "After The Fact." Now vocalist/guitarist Jake has graciously sent me an mp3 of the song, which I hope you will enjoy below. You can hear more at their MySpace site. Jake also told me the band will be staging the release show for their new six-song EP, Eat Your Heart Out, at The Echo in Los Angeles this coming Wednesday, 2/13 (or 13.2, should you be winging in from elsewhere). Wouldn't you know this would fall the very day I'd promised the Powerpopulist staff the corporate jet for a ski trip to Vail. Oh, well, the peons can wait a week longer. Oops (blush), almost forgot, I'm a populist. Nevertheless, my treasured colleagues will have to wait and, in the meantime, self-cardiomasticate. See you there, Jake, et. al., and good luck!

The Breakups - After The Fact mp3 - from Eat Your Heart Out

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