Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Around the Blogosphere

Though we be feasting on the bounty of the SXSW 2008 Showcasing Artists pages and though we be as happy and surfeited as ticks at a blood bank, rest assured we shall not be foregoing visits to our favorite blogs. And well full they are of bloody good tuna, to wit:

Throw Me the Statue – This Is How We Kiss – Speed of Dark
Soda Fountain Rag – Don't Kill The Clowns & You Sit And Wait For Life – Milk Milk Lemonade
The LK – Private Life of a Cat – Absolut Noise
Easterly – Lover Is Fine & Happiness – Music Of The Moment
Your 33 Black Angels – Psycho On Your Side – My Old Kentucky Blog

Sinead O'Connor – Mandinka - a PLAGUE of ANGELS – our favorite by the sometime depilated diva – And Molotov has a bunch more by SO'C.
Pete & The Pirates – Mr. Understanding & She Doesn't Belong to Me – a PLAGUE of ANGELS
GRAND ARCHIVES – The Crime Window & A Setting Sun – a PLAGUE of ANGELS

Spoon – The Ghost Of You Lingers – Music For Kids Who Cant Read Good
The Raveonettes – Hallucinations – Music For Kids Who Cant Read Good
Nada Surf – What Is Your Secret? – Music For Kids Who Cant Read Good
Headlights – Catch Them All – Music For Kids Who Cant Read Good

The Lightning Seeds – Pure – mp3huggerHurry.
Pacific UV – Scarlet – mp3hugger
Cats on Fire – I Am the White-Manteled King – mp3hugger

We heartily thank the aforementioned bloggers for letting us sample their hosted wares.


Anonymous said...

Your 33 Black Angels are playing on March 13th and March 15th at SXSW 'unofficial' parties!
Check for more details!

pplist said...

This is good news indeed. Thanks, A.

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