Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mixed Baggery: Flowers Forever, Evaporators, Castenada, Dog Day, Dog Age, Days, Honeydrips, Candy

Happy Days.
We tip the bag and let the mix spill out, rocking, barking, dripping, going soft, psyching it to ya, nipping off to Scandinavia, etc. If we don't match your mood/desire, it's not for lack of caring or trying.

Flowers ForeverWet Diamonds mp3 – Click on bandname for more songs.
The EvaporatorsYou Got Me Into This, Now You Get Me Out! mp3
Dog Day – from Night Group
Lydia mp3
Yeh, that's right, a theme. Woof.
Dog Age – from Reefy Seadragon - more Oslovian expertise
The American Life mp3 – Perhaps not quite "focused" enough for earlyweek, but we trust our visitors.

DaysSimple Thing mp3 – from the eagerly anticipated Shelflife EP, Downhill - This glorious group is one of my favorite discoveries of the past 18 months, and of course I owe intros to Morten at Hits in the Car.
Candy Drips Like Honey mp3 – Lo and behold, another theme, as we reach back yet again to the early days of our bloggerprise and reprise a fave from 2006.

Click artist names for info 'n such.


stytzer said...

Impossible to say how happy I am that you enjoy Days! Hope you have purchased the EP - it's absolutely amazing!

pplist said...

And it's impossible to say how indebted I am to you, Music-Loving Dane!

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