Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Spectacular Fantastic: Their Name is True

I got pretty hopped up a few minutes ago to hear from Mike Detmer of Cincinnati band, The Spectacular Fantastic, who have just released their latest full length, Outer space is nothing but a lie. In the case of this excellent outfit, “release” has special meaning: they offer up their entire catalogue for free at their bandsite. How uncapitalistic, and you will never see a better cost-to-profit ratio on this terrestrial ball, nevermind the great out-there. As I indicated in one of my earliest posts, I’ve loved the band since early '06. For a couple of months “You” held the honored opening-song slot on faves CDs I made for friends. You’ve maybe noticed (not that it matters) I tend to like my songs uptempo; this is one of the few bands that can move me at any speed. Here are four favorites from Outer space. I hope you’ll be joining me at TFS’s bandsite to take advantage of their system of a-downloadin’. Also, please to explain “Outer space is nothing but a lie.” Close attention might pay off.

The Spectacular Fantastic - Outer space is nothing but a lie
Out of time mp3

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