Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ash, Starky, Young Galaxy, Kelly's Heels

So much music, so little time. Over the weekend I dug back into the SXSW 2005 site and found another 50 or 60 songs I rated at three stars or better. (Translation: I like 'em a lot.) For the next several weeks I'll be working in a few per day, along with current goodstuff I happen upon. Thanks to visitor "John's" recent tout, Ireland's Ash have been for me one of the most exciting close encounters of the heard kind in many a moon. Imagine if you dare (and why not) my embarrassment/excitement to find them right there as one of the SXSW Showcasing bands back in 2005, which is by way of saying we lead off with them. Next we're calling Sydney for a song by Starky I've liked for a year or two now. (I posted Starky's "Hey Bang Bang" at Big Bloc 4, which I must confess is one of my favorite posts since I started blogging.) Then we get a bit more au courant with a goodun by Montrealers Young Galaxy, brought to earth at the excellent AOL Spinner.com. We close this set with a pleaser brought to our attention by a representative of the London band, Kelly's Heels. Thanks, Katy! Click the artists' names for more info, music, etc.

Ash - Meltdown mp3
Starky - Girl Talk mp3
Young Galaxy - Outside the City mp3
Kelly’s HeelsInvisible Hold mp3 (pic)

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