Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ash Kicks

Many thanks to visitor "John" (hope I'm not blowing your cover, man/woman) for pointing me towards Downpatrick, Ireland's incredible Ash. I confess to having gone through a kind of dry spell in the mid-90s, when various obligations precluded the kind of intensive bandtracking necessary to bona fide musical obsession. Yes, I sinned, but fortunately old friends and new are constantly redirecting my ears to the paths of righteousness. Anyway, "John" sent me to Ash's MySpace site, where I found four superb downloadables, plus one streamer. I then checked out eMusic, where, alas, nada, but then hit the jackpot at iTunes Music Store. I only bought 16 right off, but I'll be going back for more. Ye who already know them know why; ye who don't are about to. I'll post two from the MySpace site, encourage you to go check out the rest, and then go buy.

Meltdown - Out of the Blue mp3
Trailer - Jack Names the Planets mp3

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