Friday, April 13, 2007

Fanatic Makes Nice in The Basement. . .Kind of Thing

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's Friday, and Little Hits Faves are burnin' a hole in my queue, but the following just came in and I've gotta post them. Once A-GAIN, it's Mark Davis at Fanatic Promotion slingin' hot digitals my way, and who am I to say "no?" Right, nobody. The previously posted "Candy Wrapper," by San Francisco's The Makes Nice, is one of my very favorite songs of the year so far. The just received "Enough is Enough" is a bit more poppy but just as engaging, so am I complaining? Nnnno. Should I just send you to that earlier post or post "Candy Wrapper" again? (Fascinating, these internal Powerpopulist staff wrangles, yes?) Okay, both, because Heet has turned me on to some great stuff you might not have heard already and you should go to him anyway for some Dutch treat. For good measure, let's add another by The Makes Nice and a nice one by Irish band The Basement, also compliments of Fanatic. Phreakin' Chatty Cathy City here.

The Makes Nice
Enough is Enough mp3
Candy Wrapper mp3
California Sun mp3
The Basement - Close the Door mp3

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