Friday, April 13, 2007

Little Hits Faves - Part Neuf

Soooo, yeh, Friday, Little Hits Faves , let's do it. Great set this week, all personal faves for quite some time now. That's The Cavedogs song that first blew me away, or sucked me in, however you want to put it. (Sorry, Candyskins, no offense.) The one I posted earlier probably sounded suspect- great, but suspect- to you keen-eared ones because it was the single and this is the real deal, from the album. Oh, my God, Scruffy the Cat. What can I say except, I love you and miss you and repeatedly kick myself new ones for not buying all your stuff on CD (as I previously said about Game Theory's superb Lolita Nation as well). Plasticland I did get in CD but The Candyskins I've got on, gasp, cassette. Must transcend that soon. No pics, I can't deal with scruffy jealousy catfights right now. New to Little Hits Faves? Click each item below and then at Little Hits, click the blue Artist/Song Title. Complicated, but worth the challenge. Previous Little Hits Faves can be accessed by clicking that Labels thing down there. I don't because I can't say it enough: Thank you, Little Hits, for your incredible work.

The Cavedogs – Tayter Country
Scruffy the Cat – You Dirty Rat
Plasticland – In My Black and White
Game Theory – Like A Girl Jesus (Might as well grab The Loud Family while you're there.)
The Candyskins – She Blew Me Away


Seattle-Powerpop said...

Hey, I haven't been over in a few weeks, and I just wanted to comment on the Scruffy The Cat track. I'm dating myself as to how old I am here, but I loooooooooooooooooved these guys when this record came out. Along with Uncle Green, The Smithereens, Brian and The Nightmares and Elvis Costello, they got absolutely worn out on my turntable (literally) in the 80s.

pplist said...

As you can tell, I'm totally with you here. Thanks for amening.

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