Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Goldmine at Our Fingertips: New Pornographers, Teenage Fanclub, Trembling Blue Stars, Trashcan Sinatras, Copeland

While out on explorations last week I stumbled onto a goldmine over at the Fingertips Master Artist List. I still haven't worked the vein fully but will share a few I've found over the next couple of posts. Take your own pick and pan and go dig it yourself. As promised, I'm also including some of the goodstuff I found at SXSW 2005. Be still, my heart.

The New Pornographers - Graceland mp3 - Sample while you can. It's been balky.
Teenage Fanclub - It's All In My Mind mp3 (pic)
Trembling Blue Stars - Helen Reddy mp3
The Trashcan Sinatras - Welcome Back mp3
Copeland - Pin Your Wings mp3


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I got excited, too. Thanks, Janne.

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