Friday, May 04, 2007

From the Mailbox: Acute, Icicles, Patrick Wolf

Thanks to Robbie over at The Musebox for sending me links to a couple of songs by LA-indiepoppers, Acute, who on Wednesday released their debut full-length, Arms Around a Stranger. I'd previously posted "Follow You Home" and will do so again, along with another I very much like.

The City mp3
Follow You Home mp3

It is with acute embarrassment that I officially become the last blogger in the 'sphere to post these wonderful songs by Grand Rapids, Michigan's wonderful The Icicles. I've shown them my love before, and it's only grown warmer (not, I hope, to their discomfort). Thanks to Mark at Fanatic Promotion.

The Icicles
Whirling mp3
La Ti Da mp3

I might be lagging a bit as well with London piano popper Patrick Wolf, so please to forgive. (Sigh, fallibility, thy name is pplist.) Thanks to Stephanie at The Musebox.

Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position mp3

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