Monday, May 14, 2007

Obligatory Title: Palomar, Uncut, Bishop Allen, Feable Weiner

Good newweek to you. "We" offer today a mix of new, newish, and oldish (like, two whole years old). You've maybe noticed we've been quite aroused by Brooklynites Palomar lately and just might have to do a special post pulling together all we've been able to find so far. (Clickin' those "Labels" doodads down there basically accomplishes the same thing.) Brooklynites Bishop Allen and Torontans Uncut are doing us good as well. The second Uncut song is one of the ones that excited us at the SXSW 2005 site we've been posting stuff from the past two weeks or so. (Sorry if we haven't been regular enough about it. We'll try to do better.) Tennesseans Feable Weiner may have a funny name, but this song is quirky, too. Ya'll have a great week, ya heah. We goin' ta teach ya'll ta tawk suthen, and I don't mean no Lambeth neither. (Speakin' o' London, that pic shows the Weiner "way on down south.")

Palomar - You’re Keeping Us Up mp3
Kiss Me mp3
Day Breaks Red Light mp3
Bishop Allen - Rain mp3 - Danke, Pitchfork.
Feable Weiner - San Deem Us Ready mp3

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