Saturday, May 31, 2008

One More May Post: I Love Math, Botticellis, Orchid Highway, Earlimart, Turn-Ons, Diggs, You Me & Iowa, Mikal Evans, et. al. . . .

Sorry not to have style-based groupings and such this time because time is what I don't have much of at the moment. I do hope you like some or all, though, because that will make at least two of us.

I Love Math
A Good Flying Bird (Guided By Voices cover) mp3
I Remember When I Loved Her (Zombies cover) mp3 - If you like (or love) I Love Math, we recently posted another pleaser here.
The Botticellis - The Reviewer mp3 - You might recall (venial if you don't) we "dug" these two back in February:
Up Against the Glass mp3
Old Home Movies mp3

The Orchid Highway - Next World mp3
Earlimart - Song For mp3
The Turn-Ons - Crystalize mp3
The Diggs - Ctrl-Alt-Del mp3

You Me & Iowa - Dress the Stage mp3
Love Psychedelico - Standing Bird mp3
Mikal Evans - Drunkest Hour mp3
Daniel Folmer - Vegetables and Coffee mp3

Okay, I fibbed. These are slow and nice and relaxing and such.
Darker My Love - The Fool mp3 - Don't wanna break the mood (actually, I very much do, but. . .) we previously posted an excellent Darker My Love tune here.
The Parson Red Heads - Crowds (new EP version) mp3
Monroe Mustang - The Other Side mp3

Click song titles to hear 'em. Click artist names for more of this 'n that.

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