Friday, January 02, 2009

Day 2: One for the Team, Whigs, Brakes, Indelicates, Moi Caprice, Charade, Love Is All, Killola, W..T..F., Sad Day for Puppets

No slamming anticipated. Full speed ahead, lads.

The year is still fairly new, so I hope I'm not too late in wishing you a happy one. I also hope you enjoy the following. Iwe surely do.

One for the Team - Dress Up Party mp3 - off of the Minneapolitans' Afternoon Records/Militia Group release, Build It Up - And we're still enjoying this previously posted one:
The Whigs - Like a Vibration mp3 - from Athens, GA band's 2008 release, Mission Control -Thanks to Cable & Tweed for the vibe.
The Indelicates - Fun Is For The Feeble Minded mp3 - The UK band's debut, American Demo, was released last year (2008, remember?).

Brakes - Crystal Tunings mp3 - from the Brighton supergroup's forthcoming FatCat Records release, Touchdown. It's sure to score.
Moi Caprice - To The Lighthouse mp3 - Thanks to Morten at Hits in the Car for the headsup (some time ago) on this excellent Copenhagen band. HITC has another beauty by MC, and a simple click will get you there.
The Charade - Keeping Up Appearances mp3 - the title song from Stockholm band's November 2008 release

Love Is All - Wishing Well mp3 - from Gothenburgers' A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night, which rightly finished high up on a number of Best of 2008 lists.
Motorboat mp3 - from their 2006 release, Nine Times That Same Song
Killola - Cracks in the Armor mp3 - from L.A. band's glittery debut, I Am The Messer - Maybe you'd like to join their fans in getting a 'too of the band's logo? Me neither but I like the song.
Wait. Think. Fast. - Clear Our Name mp3 - from L.A.-area band's EP, Vuelve Al Mar
Sad Day for Puppets - Big Waves mp3 - from the Blackebergers' 2008 EP Just Like A Ghost - I've been deeply enjoying this song for some time now.

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