Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Was a King

We are royally pleased that Norwegian band, I Was a King, released an import 7" + digital single yesterday, with promises of a 14-song full-length due 7 April via The Control Group. (It dropped 12 January in Norway.) Thanks to Brooke Black at Big Hassle for the headsup. Wonder if "Bleik" rhymes with "Blake" in Norwegian. Primo!

If you're liking, eMusic has most of IWaK's 2007 release, Losing Something Good For Something Better. (Click.) I saved five of them for my next big eMusic purchasefest.
Update: Here is what eMusic is now offering.

The band notches it up a bit in this live performance.


John said...

ppop, thanks for the "i was king" turn on!!i think bleik does rhyme with blake!! awesome. hope you are making it through the winter months ok. johnbuck

pplist said...

Thanks, JB. You keep us at this thang. Winter's the best (but of course, I'm down South). Stay warm.

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