Friday, March 20, 2009

Music of the Sphere: Church, Hoodoos, Lucksmiths, Super Furries, Ride, Silversun P's, Them, Strokes, That Petrol Emotion, MBV, Long Ryders, et. al.

Welcome back.

I'm so excited about songs I've discovered at some of my favorite blogs, I've decided to point you toward them before posting more SXSW tuneage. I surely hope you enjoy these songs and will thank our gracious host(esse)s. As you'll see below, it's also a pleasure welcoming back into action one of my very favorite bloggers.

The Lucksmiths - Untidy Towns - The Yellow Stereo

Ride - Sight of You (The Pale Saints cover) - Shelflife Records Blog

Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch - Speed of Dark

Flogging Molly - Light of a Fading Star - Battle of the Midwestern Housewives

Lucky Soul - Whoa Billy - Chromewaves - Hat tip to Morten over at Hits in the Car.

That Petrol Emotion - Big Decision - Snuh

You ready for this? Well, if not, you better get ready, 'cause Gary's up to his usual cuckoo antics over at Retro Music Snob. (Full disclosure: I found those last two via one of Gary's posts; he didn't mention them, though, so I wanted to be sure you saw them.)

My Bloody Valentine - Soon - Retro Music Snob

And now, the best news for last: One of the very best of all music bloggers, Merz, is back in action over at Mars Needs Guitars! (Coincidence that the Snob had that Hoodoo Gurus number? Stars realigning in the 'sphere? Your call.) Go pay Merz a visit, say hi, and begin exploring his incredibly rich musical offerings. I've discovered a wonderful world of music through Merz, but he's just posted a band we've both loved for a long time now.

The Church - Invisible - Mars Needs Guitars


merz said...

Dear pplist,
You are awesome and a true blogger friend! I really appreciate the complements and kind words! That is pretty funny how the Snob posted the Gurus track, good timing. You made my day with this post, words can do no justice to how I feel. And so glad to know that you love The Church as much as I do. Thanks again for being a friend!!!!

pplist said...

You ARE the guru, merz. Your knowledge of music and generosity in sharing are truly amazing. It's an honor to be called your friend. And, yes, with the Church it was definitely love at first listen ("Myrrh"). Wow! I also got to see them live in Austin on the GOLD AFERNOON FIX tour, a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

shelflife said...

Thanks for the kind mention! Glad you enjoyed those tracks. I enjoy reading your posts.
-Ed (

pplist said...

Thanks, Ed, for the great music, both at Shelflife and your Shelflife Blog! Your comment is much appreciated as well.

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