Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SXSW 2009 - Post Seven: Capsula, Cut Off Your Hands, The Girls, DeBretts, Dressy Bessy, Grates, Manhattan Love Suicides, Happy Hollows, Palomar, PB&J

Yes, it officially begins. . .right about now: the South by Southwest Music Festival. Even from afar we feel the excitement. We've plunged into our archives to pull out some primo offerings for SXSW 2009 bands who either didn't post songs at the official SXSW website this year or perhaps previously made available tunes we like an ooch better. Probably shouldn't keep saying this, but, yes, we have even more, so check back in a day or two. Don't wanta overdo it now, do we? We begin with one of our very favorite bands from last year (back again this) and go from strength to strength. Click song titles to play, artist names to go to their SXSW bandpage. Click here for previous SXSW postings at Powerpopulist.

Capsula - Voices Underground mp3

The Girls
Transfer Station mp3
This Is Goodbye mp3

The DeBretts - Hole In The Head mp3 - Don't take the lyrics literally. In fact, we really, really love you--and the song.

Dressy Bessy
Side 2 mp3
Simple Girlz! mp3

The Grates - Lies are Much More Fun wma & asx - Click as needed: Windows - Mac - Click here for free download of Aussies' new Burn Bridges EP.

The Manhattan Love Suicides
Suzy Jones mp3
Last Stand mp3
You’ll Never Get That Guy mp3

Monster Room mp3

You’re Keeping Us Up mp3
Woah! mp3

Peter Bjorn and John
Let's Call It Off (single mix) mp3
Young Folks wma

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PicturesqueMusiq said...

Hey! just saw these guys in atlanta. They did Michigan proud and are a heck of a show! I have a few pictures and a review of them and the Javelins at

Have a great one!

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