Sunday, January 06, 2013

Gap Dream's Byrdsian Psych Pop Makes Us Feel A Whole Lot Better

It was love at first listen when we heard Cleveland one-man (Gabriel Fulvimar) band Gap Dream's cover of this 1966 Byrdsian B-side by Bristol, CT five-man band The Squires. We sent you to Rollo & Grady to check out "Go Ahead" and have been hugely enjoying it ever since.

You can hear/buy the self-titled LP on which it plays at Bandcamp. (Warning: It's the most visually revolting Bandcamp page we've ever seen. Our gorge rose, our lungs flinched, but, with eyes closed, we listened to fantastic psych pop of very high order.)

There's a fair amount of information available on Gap Dream, but so far we like best what we read at FensePost.

Oh, and that pic up there? We gave you a clue. (Once again, though, there's a bit of gross-out associated therewith, if you actually go to the trouble to track it down.)

Buy the 10-song LP at Bandcamp for $1. Yeah, that's right, one measly buck.


fensepost said...

Thanks for the FensePost props! Glad you dug our interview with Gabe. We definitely love Gap Dream!

pplist said...

It really is an excellent interview, as are your other articles on Gap Dream. I'm glad we both like "them"/him.

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