Saturday, January 19, 2013

Space Wolves (of Buffalo)

When the bandage was removed, he'd lost the 'stache (and a few years) but now had sight in one eye.

Sometimes we're really glad you can't discern the lagtime between our finding a band and our finally posting them. We found Space Wolves over at Pop Headwound and immediately loved them but are only now getting around to bloggerly consummation.

We "dug" these lo-fi Upstate New Yawkers so much that we downloaded umpteen of their songs for free over at Bandcamp. (They're catchier than the flu.) Every time one of them has popped in our ears, the pleasure is panged by the nagging thought that we hadn't yet posted them. This has been happening so often of late as to intimate some kind of fateful urging. So today is indeed one of celebration.

We hear tons of disparate influences that plunk our particular twanger, including Buddy Holly, The Connells, Slayer, Morrissey, and the sad-sackism of Green Thoughts-era Smithereens, among possible others. (Just kidding about Slayer.)

We faced a dicey dilemma over how to post these widgets or so we decided to do both. Bush League? Oh, yeah.

(BTW, (what looks like) all their songs are available at  (and Bandcamp) (for free downloading activity.))))

We enjoyed this last one so much we wish he'd extended the itinerary.

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