Thursday, February 14, 2013

Psych Pop Bonanza at The Active Listener: Resonars, Galileo 7, Prince Rupert's Drops, Laurels, et. al.

An unassuming search for ppfaves The Resonars turned up a treasure trove of pop psych and more psychy psych at Bandcamp. The Active Listener blog has been getting permish from a bunch of psych bands to publish psychedelic psamplers for the last three months. The compilations can be found here, here, here, and here.

We dug pretty much every song but, our blog being what it is, we're naturally going to post some of the more poppy psych. If you want to delve deeper, go there, there, there, and there.

Some of the widgets below say "Share" and some say "download." Rest assured, though, that if you want to grip the songs below plus scads of others you can download all four compilation LPs for name-your-price download.

Many thanks to The Active Listener for its awesomeness.

Oh, one other thing. Please notice on some of the Bandcamp pages the extensive links to other pages on many of the bands. We haven't even begun to scratch that itch, for most of the bands at least.

We're just throwing in this line to break things up a bit.

Oh, and Happy Val's Day.

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