Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Kelley Stoltz - To Dreamers


Among our favorite eMusic purchases for 2011 were seven songs from San Franciscan Kelley Stoltz's most excellent 2010 LP, To Dreamers . (We tend to buy 'em one song at time, as previously, if inconsequentially, noted.)

So once again, our little electronic gadget yesterday spun up a couple of his songs at random and got us wondering if we might do the same for you. Thanks to Sub Pop, we can do, and as you may have noted above, actually did do. You will find four more fine free ones there, along with much useful information, penned (or perhaps keyboarded) by someone who can, like, actually write.

By the way, if you happen to click on those eMusic or Amazon links up there, you might consider gripping his collab cover of "Big Boy" Pete Miller's 1965 fabtune, "Baby I Got News For You." Here's the full stream, via a Sub Pop Soundcloud page. Update, 6sep17: That SoundCloud link went "poof," so we're replacing it with a YouTube video.

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