Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I received a very nice email from Dan Choo wondering if he could send me a shipment of “Steam Powered Garage Pop!” When I realized Dan meant the debut album by the Bern band CHOO CHOO, I had to tell him that would not be necessary. You may well be asking yourself, “Why, pp, why??? Why did you have to tell Dan Choo that would not be necessary?” Well, I’ll tell ya: I told Dan that because I had already been to eMusic and bought eleven of the tracks on CHOO CHOO’s self-titled debut album. Eleven out of Eleven tracks. Every song. 100%. There wasn’t a song on the album I did not buy. Ponder that in your hearts.

I’m a singles guy. I mostly buy singles, songs that I very much like-to-love. One song at a time. I’m tired of shelling out $16.00 for an LP and liking only one or two songs on it. (I think that works out to either $16.00 or $8.00 per song, something like that.) So when I say I bought all eleven songs on CHOO CHOO’s debut, it means I very much liked-to-loved (mostly loved) every freaking song on the album. Maybe I’m belaboring this point an ooch, I don’t know. Now that I’ve gotten up a head of steam, I can’t seem/don’t want to slow it down. Wooo-woooooo. . . . Chugga chugga chugga. Etc. But perhaps you now see why I had to tell Dan Choo “no”? Merrily, with a twinkle in my heart and a song in my eye, I just said “NO” because with equal, nay, building merriment, I had already said, as I listened to each song, “Yes, yess, yesss, yesssss, oh God yessssssssssssss. . . ." Etc.*

And with equal merriment, I thank Dan Choo (guitar/vox) and his sister/brothers, Lili Choo (organ), Sam Choo (drums/vox), and Yan Choo (bass/vox), for their delicious, heady Steam Powered Garage Pop! and for letting me give you a couple of belts thereof.

A Little Wiser Now mp3
Your Heart is Breaking Down mp3


*I was recently rejected for the third time by The Hype Machine. I was told my blog isn’t welcome to the machine because it isn’t like other blogs where the bloggers write with passion about the music they love. So I’m working on that.


L said...

I discovered your blog without Hype and it's clear that you not only have passion, but great taste. Can't wait to explore your "back pages" - many wonderful pop discoveries here. Thanks for your time and effort.

Anton said...

Who cares about the fucking Hype Machine? You dig the CHOOs, Smithereens, Raveonettes and the likes - you're the man!!

Fredrik said...

Let me just say this for the record: Powerpopulist beats every blog on hypem!

...and Choo! Just got to get that record!

(and here I was just about to write something clever about Choo Choo Train, "Speaking of Choo Choo, ever heard of/do you remeber etc etc", but then i checked your band-list and...well, I was a bit late there....)

Keep up your fantastic work!

Curty Ray said...

Tell those pinheads to F@@@ off! I enjoy your posts and I believe you write from the soul. Thanks for all your hard work


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