Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Memories Attack

Canadians Chris Thompson (of Eric's Trip) and Ron Bates (of Orange Glass and The Got To Get Got) have released their second full-length under the moniker The Memories Attack. (I'd like to pause for a second and just think about the band's name.) Yes, that was good, but the music's even better. If you can remember their name, there's a good chance you'll remember the name of the album: The Memories Attack 2. "But wait," you say, "you haven't told us anything about the music, stuff like how and whom and what it sounds like." Well, that's where clicking the song titles down there comes in. And clicking the band's name, which will take you to their MySpace site, where you can hear even more. Thanks to Matt Charlton at Pigeon Row for getting these to me and you. Okay, I sense you are pouting, so two (sort of) words: lo-fi. And two more: we like these, very much.

The Memories Attack - from The Memories Attack 2
Connected mp3
Peaks & Valleys mp3

Their debut, called simply The Memories Attack, can be purchased, song-by-song, at eMusic.

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