Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happiness is the Warm Fuzzies

Global warming to the contrary notwithstanding, this cryogenically challenging season—in the Northern Hemisphere, at least—cries out for even more warmth. (Translation: Brrrrr, it’s wintertime, luvs.) On Tuesday happiness was a warm (One Weekly) Gun; today it’s a warm fuzzy, or, to be precise, five of them.* the Warm Fuzzies are from Athens (Georgia, that is: great clubs. . .primo rock). I was delighted when Fuzzy Jason Harwell told me he’d found me at the indispensable Absolute Powerpop and wondered if he could send me their new The Bubblegum - EP for review. I was delighted to tell Jason that I had found the Warm Fuzzies at the indispensable Absolute Powerpop and had already gone to eMusic and purchased thereof.

A flurry of (one) emailed negotiation resulted in his generously letting me share the below. I don’t think I have to tell you the feeling that immediately suffused my corpus. (Translation: I got warm and I got fuzzy.) Actually, Jason (dangerously) set no limits, so I am exercising iron self-control in holding it to a double bubble.

The bandname and EP title suggest you will be choked in the shallow waters before you get too deep.** And it’s true that Jason is quoted at the band’s MySpace site thusly: "We had a pretty simple mantra: If it's not fun, don't do it. . . ." Not so hasty, though, Bubba. There’s more here than smackin’ and blow pop. “Space Invaders” has meaning for those who get a little itchy when bumpkins get too close. “All My Friends Are Robots” might connect with those who find themselves increasingly turning to the machine you’re looking at for some of their closest encounters. But let’s not dwell on such quibbles ‘n’ bytes. Chew on this:

the Warm Fuzzies – from The Bubblegum - EP
Space Invaders mp3
All My Friends Are Robots mp3

the Warm Fuzzies Myspace
the Warm Fuzzies Bandsite
the Warm Fuzzies at eMusic
the Warm Fuzzies at Powerpopulist – Um, you’re reading it, duh.

*Jason Harwell - vocals/guitar * Davey Staton - drums * Laura Calvert - synth * Jonathan Staton - bass * Mattox Shuler – guitar

**Speaking of philosophy, I’m working up a post on a Philosopher Queen who’s been pleasantly warming my world of late. Coming soon to a blog near you.

************* These don’t really annotate anything specific in the post. They just kind of seem like apt visual representations of “warm fuzzies.”


MrQwerty said...

Love this EP, PP - although I've only just discovered it. Nice discussion with Jason there - adds a bit of spice to their sweet confection!

pplist said...

Thanks Mr. Q! Your incisive review over at Power Pop Review takes the prize, though. Brilliant!

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